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October 11, 2019

The Bigger the Better

Raise a glass of the beast of the wine list this Christmas – The Beronia Reserva Nebuchadnezzar is back!

For the last four years, Nebuchadnezzar bottles of Beronia Reserva have been getting Christmas parties started across the UK. Available now, Beronia is once again giving restaurants and bars the opportunity to impress their customers with their own Nebuchadnezzar of Beronia Reserva.

Standing at 70cm high, this 15-litre beast of a bottle promises to be a great talking point over the festive season, and as an added incentive, anyone who sells a bottle in their establishment will be rewarded with a magnum of Beronia Rioja by the Beronia team.

Comments Stephanie Hill, Beronia Brand Manager, Gonzalez Byass UK, “Over the last couple of years our larger format bottles have proved really popular with groups at their work Christmas parties. We are seeing them ordered more and more this time of year, as they look impressive, they’re great for sharing and perfect for pictures on social media, especially as everyone wants to have a go pouring from them!”

The Nebuchadnezzar is available to order now from Gonzalez Byass UK and is offered on consignment for three months (T&Cs apply).

If you would like to order a Nebuchadnezzar of Beronia Reserva please contact Gonzlez Byass UK at orders@gonzalezbyassuk.com.




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