Quinta do Noval Vintage Ports

Colheita 2003

In exceptional years certain wines with great ageing potential are set aside to spend their lives maturing in casks, these are the Colheitas. At Noval, Colheitas are released after no less than 12 years of ageing.

Quinta do Noval Colheita 2003

Colheita 2005

Quinta do Noval Colheita is a rare Port produced in small quantities. Each Colheita takes its personality from the Quinta do Noval terroir and from the vintage, which is aged in barrels until bottling. The Colheita 2005 has a complex nose that combines nuttiness with elegant fruit. It has a silky texture with a soft tannic backbone.

Qunita do Noval Colheita 2005

Nacional 2004

Nacional port is made from hand harvested grapes grown at the heart of the Quinta do Noval vineyard on ungrafted vines, untouched by phylloxera. The word “Nacional” refers to the fact that the vines are Portuguese vines growing in Portuguese soil with no foreign root stock, and are therefore “attached to the soil of the Nation”.

Quinta do Noval Nacional 2004

Vintage 2012

The grapes for Noval vintage ports are solely harvested from Quinta do Noval, Pinhao. The 2012 vintage was characterised by an extremely dry and cold winter, followed by a wet spring and dry summer. The resulting harvest started a week later than normal, giving small but perfect berries which produced flavourful musts, full of freshness and great acidity.

Quinta do Noval Vintage 2012

Vintage 2013

During the 2013 vintage the winter was extremely wet, with heavy rain until April 2013. This restored the soils water reserves, which were very low after 2 dry years. A cool and wet spring followed by a dry hot summer resulted in a low production year of spectacular quality. The 2013 vintage shows tempting Douro wild flower aromas and purity of fruit.

Quinta do Noval Vintage 2013

Vintage 2016

2016 was a year of extremes: a warm winter with high rainfall. After a wet spring, summer was very hot and dry, with some peaks of heat in August and September. In spite of the unusual and extreme climatic conditions of the year, the end result is of an excellent quality. The 2016 Vintage is exceptional, with excellent structure, very intense bright fruit and aromatically very expressive.

Qunita do Noval Vintage 2016

Vintage 2017

The Quinta do Noval Vintage Port is characterised by its purity of fruit and fine, delicate quality that is typical of the wines of the property in general. The Vintage 2017 was characterised by a cold, dry winter followed by an exceptionally hot and dry spring and summer. It is matured for 18 months in wooden casks in the air- conditioned cellars of the Quinta, at the demarcated region of the Douro Valley before bottling.

Quinta do Noval Vintage 2017