vermouth-labelLa Copa Vermouth

The first references of Vermouth in Gonzalez Byass go all the way back to 1896. Our inventory shows the existence of Vermouth between 1896 and 1926. First it was found in sections about imported wine and later, from 1909, it was included in the bottling in various regions.

The Vermouth La Copa range is based on these recipes and the label designs are referring to the ancient Vermouth labels recovered from Gonzalez Byass’ historical archives.

La Copa Rojo Vermouth is produced from 8 year old Oloroso and PX soleras blended with a mix of botanicals. These 8 botanicals (wormwood, savory, clove, orange, cinnamon, nutmeg, angelic root and cinchona bark) were carefully selected to achieve the perfect bitter-sweet, aromatic balance. Of course, like all good family recipes, the exact proportions are a closely guarded secret, kept under lock and key in the winery!

La Copa Rojo 

La Copa Blanco is a blend of dry Fino Sherry and traditional botanicals including wormwood, cinnamon, orange peel and nutmeg. This is the perfect aperitif and should be served chilled, over ice with a slice of lemon.

 La Copa Blanco

La Copa Extra Seco is again a blend of dry Fino and traditional botanicals but this dry style also uses red fruits. The Extra Dry is delicious simply served over tonic as a refreshing long drink.

La Copa Extra Seco 





La Copa