Gonzalez Byass Premium Range

The Gonzalez Byass Premium Range is a collection of authentic, premium quality sherries. This range is made in a traditional style using the finest quality grapes from vineyards owned by Gonzalez Byass in the “Jerez Superior” zone.

Viña AB, Amontillado Seco

Pale amber in colour and bone dry on the palate, Viña AB is a young, dry Amontillado with delicate almond and hazelnut flavours and is an excellent match for nuts, white meat and seafood.

Gonzalez Byass, Viña AB, Amontillado

Leonor, Palo Cortado

Leonor Palo Cortado is the latest addition to the superior range. Aged for over 12 years it has fine aromas of wood, vanilla and almonds. The palate is nutty and perfectly integrated with a long finish. Ideal with mature cheeses, good ham and nuts but also stands up well to red meats.

Gonzalez Byass, Leonor, Palo Cortado

Alfonso, Oloroso Seco

Alfonso is a delicious, dry Oloroso with a deep mahogany colour, warm spicy aromas and pronounced nutty flavours. A rich, smooth wine with a long, lingering finish. The perfect partner for game, light cheese and pâté.

Gonzalez Byass, Alfonso, Oloroso

Solera 1847, Oloroso Dulce

A superior dark cream sherry aged for around nine years. Solera 1847 has a velvety palate, with concentrated sweet raisin and figs from the addition of Pedro Ximenez.

Gonzalez Byass, Solera 1847, Oloroso

Nectar, Pedro Ximenez

Rich, sweet and velvety smooth on the palate, Nectar shows complex flavours of caramel, dried fruits, figs,mocha, nuts and spices and is a perfect match for all sweet desserts.

Gonzalez Byass, Nectar, Pedro Ximenez