Croft Sherry

Croft Sherries combine the pale, dry qualities of a quality Fino with the added depth and body of a Cream, in the case of Croft Original, or the smoothness of an Amontillado in Croft Particular.

Croft Original, Pale Cream

Croft Original has a clean crisp palate with an aromatic, sweet finish, giving a lighter, refreshing alternative to traditional dark Sherries. Served chilled, it is an excellent aperitif or a perfect partner to lighter, fruit desserts.

Croft Original

Croft Particular, Pale Amontillado

Croft Particular also delivers a light, crisp taste, with dry sweetness and an elegant, nutty finish. Particular is great on its own, straight from the fridge or alongside fresh fish, nuts or mature cheese.

Croft Particular

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