Champagne Deutz Vintage Range

Deutz Brut Vintage

Deutz Brut Vintage is created in only the best years when a vintage is declared. The wines are blended from the finest crus and age at least three years on the lees, one year more than required, in order to develop a rich bouquet and flavour.

Deutz Brut Vintage 2012

Deutz Rosé Vintage

The Deutz Brut Rosé 2009 is produced mainly using Pinot Noir grapes from the Montagne de Reims (80%) and the Vallée de la Marne (20%), and, more specifically, terroirs which evoke the nobility of this variety: Aÿ, Mareuil-sur Aÿ, Bouzy, Verzenay, Ambonnay. A hint of Chardonnay makes it a touch more delicate. The specific nature of its style and its appearance comes from the addition during blending of approximately 8 percent red wine generally from parcels of old Deutz vines from the Côte d’Aÿ, “La Pelle,” and from Mareuil-sur-Aÿ, “Cumaine” and “Charmont”. After ageing for four years, the flavors, which have infused perfectly, offer the enthusiast a truly harmonious bouquet. They highlight both the subtlety and the power of the leading Pinot Noirs.

Deutz Vintage Rosé 2009

Deutz Blanc de Blancs

The distinctive house style of elegance and finesse that has made Champagne Deutz one of the most respected of all Champagne houses is reflected in this fine Blanc de Blancs Champagne. Forty percent of the grape supply is from Deutz’s own vineyards, which rate 98 percent on the Champagne scale.

Deutz Blanc de Blancs 2010