September 4, 2019

New Tio Pepe Campaign Takes a Fresh Look at Fino

This month sees the launch of a disruptive digital campaign targeting 25-34 year old drinkers who are yet to discover Tio Pepe. The What the Fino? #WTF campaign acknowledges that the bone dry, almost savoury flavours of Tio Pepe can be challenging on first sip but, as Fino fans will attest, once this unique taste is acquired, it is well worth the effort.

With the help of digital agency Media Bounty, we worked with top UK Instagram influencers to create content around their discovery of Tio Pepe and their favoured serve – for some that is straight, for others with tonic or in a cocktail. The influencers’ audiences will follow these journeys of discovery and will then be retargeted with advertising posts giving further information about the brand, its heritage and attributes.

View Tio Pepe’s stories on Instagram over the next few weeks to follow the campaign.


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