Gonzalez Byass Historic Sherry Cellars

June 13, 2018

Gonzalez Byass presents their historic collection of Sherry wines

Mauricio González-Gordon, president of González Byass, has inaugurated the bodega’s historic wine library to present an astonishing “liquid archive” in the heart of Jerez, Spain. The collection contains more than 5000 unique and rare Sherry wines, some of which date back to the 19th and 20th Century.

These historic gems were previously kept under lock and key in the ancient Gonzalez Byass cellar known as Aljibe. Over the past two years, the research team at Gonzalez Byass has undertaken the painstaking and meticulous task of restoring this archive to its former glory; tasting each batch and bottle of these invaluable wines to assess their condition and suitability for further ageing. The accompanying archive to each of these Sherries has meant that Gonzalez Byass is able to track the provenance of each bottle and cork and thus ensure the authenticity and traceability of every wine.

Dependent upon their condition, each bottle has been carefully re-corked and restored to the new wine library where they can continue their ageing process. A time-honoured tradition of preserving Añada (vintage) and Solera wines was started by the González family five generations ago in the 1830s.

Commenting on the collection Mauricio González Gordon said, “The wines that we will keep in our new wine library were created to commemorate some unique moments in history. The crowning of monarchs and the appointment of Popes, throughout the last two centuries, have led to the laying down of these wines to mark these auspicious dates.”

He continued, “For example, the last bottles of our Tío Pancho Romano, a wine which dates back to 1728 and the oldest documented wine in our cellars, is now able to age in this wonderful cellar. This unique wine comes from a solera purchased in 1805 by the founders of the winery. Or Pio X, a fine moscatel, bottled in 1903 to commemorate the appointment of the Pope of the same name.”

This wonderful liquid archive is testament to Gonzalez Byass’ commitment to the preservation of fine wines and traditions in Sherry making and their passion for the Sherry Revolution. Find out more and cast your eyes over this astonishing collection in the video below.



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