PIO X Moscatel

November 8, 2017

Gonzalez Byass release Pio X Moscatel 1903

González Byass has been a family run business since it was founded in 1835. Almost two centuries later, our historic cellars are home to some ancient and exquisite casks and rare bottles that were laid down by previous generations. The family has now decided to release a few of these old gems.

In the family tradition of laying down fine sherries in honour of newly elected popes, the son of the founder, and great grandfather of today’s chairman Mauricio Gonzalez Gordon, dedicated a very fine Moscatel to the pope Pius X (Pio X in Spanish) in 1903. Made before phylloxera hit the Jerez vineyards from Moscatel Menudo Blanco, one of forty permitted grape varieties at the time, this wine has never been fortified, and has 9% alcohol. It comes from just one cask, enough for 120 bottles. 100 will be released onto the market, while the 20 remaining bottles will remain in the family’s cellars.

Antonio Flores, head winemaker at González Byass describes Pio X 1903 as well balanced, with astonishing freshness and complexity, and notes of dried figs, walnuts, treacle, lacquer and coffee. It shows remarkable vigour despite its lengthy ageing in cask. For more information about this ancient Moscatel please contact your Account Manager or email info@gonzalezbyassuk.com.



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