April 10, 2019

Gonzalez Byass invests in Ribera del Duero

In line with its strategy to represent the diversity of Spain’s viniculture, González Byass has announced the acquisition of the Fournier winery in Ribera del Duero, including its vineyards and wines.

Berlanga de Roa, April 2019 – González  Byass strengthens its position as a key player on the Spanish wine scene with the purchase of the Fournier winery in Ribera del Duero, Spain’s second most important Denomination of Origin, representing 16% of the total red wine market. The latest addition to the Family of Wine means that González Byass is now  present in 10 of the most important Spanish Denominations of Origin and wine regions. (Jerez, Rioja, Cádiz, Cava, Penedés, Rueda, Somontano, Castilla, Rías Baixas and Ribera del Duero), complemented at an international level with wineries in Chile and Mexico.

Located in Berlanga de Roa (Burgos), the Fournier winery, built in 1979, has grown apace with the development of the region as a whole. La Finca El Pinar is found between the towns of La Horra and Roa de Duero and is made up of 80 hectares, 50 of which are vineyards with an average age of between 30 and 70 years.

Fournier wines have achieved many prestigious accolades including excellent scores from such renowned international publications as Wine Advocate, Decanter, Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast, as well as from top Spanish titles and guides.

About González Byass

González Byass has achieved growth of 14% in its gross turnover in the last financial year, which currently stands at €297 million. This has in turn resulted in 31.6% increase, over the previous year, of €16.6 million. In line with this growth, the company’s EBITDA has reached a level of €28.1 million euros, compared to €22.6 million in the previous year, which translates into an increase of 24.4% overall.

These excellent results are due to the family company’s consolidation of investments in Veramonte (Chile), Pedro Domecq (Mexico) and Beronia Rueda (Valladolid); the excellent performance of its entire brand portfolio, which has seen considerable global growth, and the launch of new products, such as the Vilarnau Ice Cava, Vermouth La Copa Reserva, Croft Twist, Ace Kicker in the USA and the iconic Finite Wines of Jerez (XC Palo Cortado “Ida y Vuelta”, Vintage Fino Sherries, Pío X and Alfonso 1/6).

Voted “Best Winery in Europe” by Wine Enthusiast, 68% González Byass turnover is currently made outside Spanish borders and 37% of its staff residing outside Spain. With an export presence in more than 100 countries, the company has its own subsidiaries in Spain, Chile, the USA, Mexico and the United Kingdom, as well as commercial offices and delegates in China, Germany, Brazil and Canada.

González Byass’ development in recent years has brought about a number of diverse projects which will culminate in the opening of a new winery at Bodegas Beronia in 2019, designed to house premium and reserve wines only. In addition to this, two other important projects will come to fruition this year; the inauguration of the first luxury, Sherry hotel in the world, housed in the González Byass winery in Jerez, and a new Pedro Ximénez wine-making plant, which is already in operation.

This family company is dedicated to ensuring the most sustainable practices are employed at every level of the business and its commitment to energy efficiency, environmental protection and preservation of biodiversity is a priority across all of its wineries. Each winery is committed to reducing water consumption and emissions whilst using renewable energies, recycling waste and recovery processes wherever possible. As a result González Byass has two fully organic wineries, Vilarnau (D.O. Cava) and Veramonte (Chile), and has been awarded the “Wineries for Climate Protection” certification for four of its bodegas: González Byass Jerez, Cava Vilarnau, Viñas del Vero and Beronia Rioja


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