Deutz Wooden Box (resize)

November 7, 2019

Deutz Special Wooden Box 2019 Edition (available at no extra cost!)

Every year since 2002, Champagne Deutz has created a unique decorated wooden gift box. This year it depicts a scene from the vineyard of La Côte Glacière in Aÿ, Champagne. Overlooking the Deutz winery, it is the source of some of their most prized wines. This unmistakeable vineyard scene shows rows of Pinot Noir vines with an average of 50 years old, grown on south facing slopes just behind the family house of Champagne Deutz. These collectable wooden gift boxes are easily stackable and would enhance any Christmas display.

These very special, limited edition boxes have just landed at GBUK, so order now to avoid disappointment. Contact your account manager for more information.


IWC Winemaker of the Year!