Champagne Deutz at Garsington Opera

July 31, 2017

Champagne Deutz hits high notes at Garsington Opera

As another wonderful season at Garsington Opera comes to a close, we take a moment to reflect on this special partnership for Champagne Deutz, and their continued support for the performing arts.

Starting in the 1990s with the formation of the Deutz Trio, three musicians who loved Champagne Deutz and took their inspiration from the Deutz cuvees, Champagne Deutz has been an ardent supporter of the performing arts. Since then Deutz has gone on to be the Champagne of choice at the Philharmonie de Paris, the Royal Opera of Versailles and the Opera of Geneva. So when we were approached by Garsington Opera to be their Champagne partner, the choice was a no brainer. Now in its second year, our partnership has gone from strength to strength, as returning Opera lovers were pleased to see Deutz back at the bar. We hope you can join us for a glass or two next year!

For details on the 2018 programme, please visit the Garsington Opera website.



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