Vilarnau Calcotada Trip Feb 2017 (221)

January 10, 2019

Celebrate the Catalan way with Vilarnau Calçotada events!

A Calçotada is a Spanish tradition where the people of Catalonia get together to celebrate the humble calçot onion that comes into season between January and March. A calçot is a type of onion, commonly found in Tarragona province close to the sea. These sweet, mild onions take centre stage at these celebrations. They are grilled on the barbeque, dipped in romesco sauce and traditionally served on terracotta tiles. The perfect accompaniment is Vilarnau Cava served from a porrón. We recommend wearing a Vilarnau bib when drinking from the porron as this can get messy!

Vilarnau Calcotada Trip Feb 2017 (414)

Gonzalez Byass UK are teaming up with venues across the UK to host fantastic calçotada events which will be running up until April when the calçot season comes to an end.

To find out about how you can get involved with your own Vilarnau calçotada email Helen on or speak to your account manager.


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