April 25, 2019

Celebrate 10 Years of Tio Pepe Fino En Rama with us!

Ten years since its initial launch the Tio Pepe En Rama annual saca goes from strength to strength. From a single bottling destined for one market, the wine is now available in 17 different markets worldwide – Tio Pepe En Rama has driven a new category for Sherry.

First released under allocation in the UK, with The Wine Society and Lea & Sandeman, this un-filtered and un-fined Fino has been at the forefront of developing En Rama as a style of Sherry globally. The essence of the wine dates back to the very beginnings of the Jerez region whilst embracing the most recent consumer trends – a wine that is drunk in its most natural state, true to its roots.

“We wanted to give Sherry drinkers the chance to try Fino Sherry in its purest state, straight from the cask,” explains Antonio Flores, master blender at Gonzalez Byass and two-time winner of the IWC Len Evans Trophy. “It is at this time of year, in the early spring, that our Fino is singing! There seems to be great anticipation for our once-a-year bottling. Perhaps the fact that we have managed to export an authentic drink that is enjoyable and complex is part of its global success.”

“We debated and deliberated on how we could make it happen and 10 years ago we took the risk, launching our first saca. Since then we haven’t looked back. Sales have grown and the demand for this fresh, unadulterated wine continues to thrive.”

The 2019 Tio Pepe En Rama is a selection of 60 casks from the many thousands in González Byass’ bodegas in Jerez. Taken from the barrel at precisely the time of year when the flor is at its thickest to ensure maximum intensity and fresh, yeastiness in the wine.

How to serve Tio Pepe En Rama

Tio Pepe En Rama is best served slightly chilled in a generous wine glass.  Since the launch ten years ago, the team at González Byass have been encouraged by the shelf life of this wine and its potential for ageing.

When kept in cool, dark storage the En Rama evolves, developing into a delicious wine with nutty, tertiary characteristics. Despite this, it is recommended that the Tio Pepe En Rama is enjoyed as close to the release date as possible in order to be able to appreciate the very special flavours and aromas of a new wine bottled straight from cask.

This year Tio Pepe En Rama will be available in magnums as well as the standard 75cl and 37.5cl bottles.

If you would like to stock #TioPepeEnRama19 and join in the 10th anniversary celebrations, please contact your account manager or email us at info@gonzalezbyassuk.com





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