August 14, 2019

125 Years of Wirra Wirra

2019 marks 125 years since Robert Strangways Wigley, a former state cricketer and lovable eccentric purchased 240 acres of land in McLaren Vale and established Wirra Wirra. In a burgeoning era for McLaren Vale as a wine region, Wirra Wirra was a major player with a reputation for quality. Wigley passed away in 1926 which led to the winery’s closure in 1936.

50 years ago, another visionary saw two crumbling walls and a stubborn slate fermenter and had a dream to resurrect Wirra Wirra to its former glory. Richard Gregory “Greg” Trott enlisted his cousin Roger and they purchased the site and spent the next three years counting pennies, hauling rocks and re-building the bones of Wirra Wirra. Greg’s love for building and dreaming continued until his passing in 2005, yet his legacy continues to live on at Wirra Wirra.

Not just any winery can celebrate two significant anniversaries simultaneously, but Robert Strangways Wigley and Richard Gregory Trott were not just any people. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Wirra Wirra is set to release two very special vintages and will be hosting the Festival of Wirra Wirra on Saturday, 31st August at their McLaren Vale winery. The event will feature a tasting that includes Wirra Wirra’s all-star alumni, love music, food tucks and a medieval trebuchet launching watermelons.


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