Wirra Wirra

Meaning ‘Among the Gum Trees’ in Aboriginal, Wirra Wirra was first founded in1894 by reknowned South Australian eccentric and cricketer Robert Strangways Wigley. After his death in 1925, Wirra Wirra fell into disrepair until it was re-established in 1969 by the maverick Greg Trott, maintaining its tradition for quirkiness alongside making top quality McLaren Vale wines.

Originally settled in 1838, McLaren Vale has become one of Australia’s most highly regarded and accessible wine regions. Its Mediterranean climate produces consistent, richly complex and long lived wines, and it is particularly famed for Shiraz.Famous for its outlandish ideas and sense of humour, Wirra Wirra is home to a giant water melon-hurling trebuchet, hosts hobby horse races, and has a ¾ tonne bell that rings randomly.